SAT, FEBRUARY 18, 2023 • S1 E118 • 49 MIN 36 SEC

Pamela Nichols: This Author Was Called To Write A Powerful Story, Healing Herself In The Process

Too many people put off doing the things they want because they feel like they need to be more experienced. But what if you allowed yourself to grow as you go?

I sat down with Pamela Nichols—author, editor, and co-collaborator for the upcoming Do The Thing Start a Book Challenge—to answer the question. Past trauma stemming from a deeply personal place set the fire for Pamela to write her first book. Through it, she discovered that words heal. And now, she wants to share why everything you seek is already inside you.

Here's how this homeschooling mama turned her difficult experiences into uplifting, meaningful written stories.

Follow Pamela Nichols on Facebook. And check out her books on Amazon under the same name. And her new podcast is called Healing Words and will be launching in April.



Do The Thing


SAT, FEBRUARY 18, 2023


49 MIN 36 SEC