SUN, MAY 14, 2023 • S1 E163 • 41 MIN 25 SEC

Cindy Larson: Discover The Joy Of Healing, Growth, And New Love On Her Do The Thing Journey

Past experiences shape who we are. And trauma makes it difficult to move forward in life. Imagine the possibilities if you opened a new door and learned to trust yourself.

I got personal with Cindy Larson to discover how she found true joy in emotional healing. After leaving an abusive marriage, she found herself single for a long time. But meeting the love of her life changed everything. Unfortunately, his sudden passing left Cindy looking for answers. Would she return to a place of peace and happiness in her newest quest for love?  

Here's how Cindy found her voice, learned to trust her intuition, and why she'll never settle.

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Do The Thing


SUN, MAY 14, 2023


41 MIN 25 SEC