TUE, FEBRUARY 28, 2023 • S1 E124 • 51 MIN 45 SEC

Kate Buck Jr: Explore Why This Digital Nomad Wants You To Get Out Of Your Head And Do What Feels Right

So often, limitations prevent us from going after what we truly want in life. But what if you looked past the walls and just found a way to do it?

I got personal with Kate Buck Jr.—Founder and CEO of Social Media Pro—to discover how she became one of the most respected social media managers in the industry. While in college, Kate thought she would become a professional dancer. However, life—and a layoff—had other plans. An insatiable learner, Kate collected skillsets that would pave her way to something much more fulfilling. But would she be able to follow this path from anywhere in the world?

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Here's how Kate used her love for learning to become a highly successful social media manager while living a nomadic lifestyle.



Do The Thing


TUE, FEBRUARY 28, 2023


51 MIN 45 SEC