TUE, JANUARY 24, 2023 • S1 E104 • 44 MIN 11 SEC

Jill Goldberg: Discover Why Accountability Pushed This Do The Thing Dating Dare Challenge Participant To Flex Her Dating Muscle And Meet New People

Single adults flock to dating apps hoping to find love—or maybe a one-time hookup. But too many online relationships end before they even begin. What if you detoxed from the apps and searched for a partner in the wild?

I got to chat with Jill Goldberg, who recently completed our Do The Thing Dating Dare Challenge, to discuss why she desires a partner who brings her joy. After getting divorced, she turned to dating apps to find a potential mate. What did she get? A whopping 50 first dates that never went anywhere. Here's how our dares pushed her out of her comfort zone, held her accountable, and made her optimistic about the future.

In this episode, Jill breaks down how these principles of the Do The Thing formula helped her finish the Dating Dare Challenge:



Do The Thing


TUE, JANUARY 24, 2023


44 MIN 11 SEC