FRI, FEBRUARY 17, 2023 • S1 E117 • 1 HR 1 MIN 18 SEC

Michael Balchan: Prioritizing Your Energy Is Key As You Do The Thing, According To This Head Coach

You completed everything you thought would bring happiness. But you still feel unfulfilled. How can you activate the best version of yourself?

I had the chance to speak with Michael—Head Coach at Heroic—to answer the question. On paper, he had it all: a Harvard degree, a cool job as a commodity options trader, a loving wife, and great kids. But he still yearned for ways to improve himself both professionally and personally. Little did he know that meeting a teacher named Brian would change his mindset—and life—for the better.

Here's why Michael prioritizes energy and how his company plans to help 50% of the world's population flourish by 2051.

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Do The Thing


FRI, FEBRUARY 17, 2023


1 HR 1 MIN 18 SEC