THU, APRIL 20, 2023 • S1 E156 • 39 MIN 45 SEC

Deirdre Tshien: Find The Perfect Balance Between Ai-Driven Content And A Genuine Human Connection To Boost Your Podcast Game

Artificial intelligence is the fastest-growing trend in technology. But can AI-created content still foster the need for genuine human connections?

Today, I sat down with Deirdre Tshien—CEO & Co-Founder of Capsho—to learn the answer. After Deirdre's own journey of starting a podcast and mastering content generation techniques took her business to new heights, she didn't slow down. Instead, she leveraged her experience and created an AI-driven platform to streamline content creation. The lessons she learned along her journey became the key to transforming her business. But will her success story continue to evolve?

Here's how Deirdre harnesses AI-driven content while still staying connected with her audience.

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THU, APRIL 20, 2023


39 MIN 45 SEC