MON, FEBRUARY 20, 2023 • S1 E119 • 55 MIN 2 SEC

Expert Panel for the Start a Book Challenge: These Hand-Selected Experts Share Why You Should Surrender To The Story As You Start A Book

Humans are storytellers. And many want to start a book. What if you finally got the thoughts out of your head on into print?

During a group discussion with the Do The Thing Start a Book Challenge Expert Panel, we dissect what keeps people from writing and how to overcome this fear. Everyone has a story inside them. But too often, self-criticism prevents us from sharing it. During this 14-day challenge, you will learn how to navigate the rollercoaster of starting a book. And you'll rediscover yourself as you complete each dare.

Hear personal writing experiences from our expert panel and learn their tricks for starting your book.

Meet the Panel:

Jane Borden – Author of I Totally Meant to Do That and culture journalist . .

Laura Carney – Author of My Father's List, writer, and copy editor @myfatherslist on Instagram, @lac30 on Twitter, and her website is

Henry Evans – Author of The Hour A Day Entrepreneur and marketing and business consultant 

Wendy Sterling – Author of Divorce Sucks. Now What? and Programs for Women who want to find their super power on the other side of divorce.

Andres Gamboa – Author of The Cost of Citizenship and host of the Pony Tales Podcast the

Rennie Saunders – Founder of Shut Up & Write!



Do The Thing


MON, FEBRUARY 20, 2023


55 MIN 2 SEC