SUN, MAY 22, 2022 • S1 E19 • 42 MIN 24 SEC

GenaSis: This Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Coach Wants You To Do The Thing, Seek Pleasure, And Add More Toys To Your Toy Box

All too often, people focus on the negative things in their lives. But it's possible to find enjoyment in every experience—no matter how seemingly mundane. What could you do to make each moment more pleasurable? Stepping out of my comfort zone, I got personal with Genesis, an erotic blueprint breakthrough coach, about how to set your mind and body free. Always looking on the bright side, she teaches others how to find and create pleasure in all things. Here's how she uses a positive mindset, self-love, and five erotic blueprints to achieve a deeper knowledge as she does the thing. Learn more about GenaSis here and/or discover your blueprints



Do The Thing


SUN, MAY 22, 2022


42 MIN 24 SEC