TUE, AUGUST 23, 2022 • S1 E59 • 42 MIN 7 SEC

Coach Dan Boyle: This Marital Arts And Health Coach Started Putting Himself First, Giving Him The Tools To Teach, Train, And Empower Others

The fight begins before the boxer even steps into the ring. But the wrong mindset can make you lose the match before it begins. What if you used your training and coach's wisdom to change your attitude instead? I had the chance to enter the ring with Dan Boyle—a personal trainer and health coach—to unravel how he became an electric force full of energy. Like many, his professional life started in Corporate America, where he quickly felt out of place. Always passionate about teaching and coaching others, he followed his dreams and opened a martial arts studio. But would a pandemic stop him in his tracks? Here's how Dan saw the ability to save lives through marital arts, pivoted during a pandemic, and took control of his health, redefining himself in the process. In this episode, Dan explains how these points of the Do The Thing formula paved his journey: Overcoming fear Stepping outside your comfort zone Pivoting Risk assessment Identifying the why Surrounding yourself with like-minded people Accountability Controlling your attitude Want more advice from Dan about doing the thing? Check out his website, www.CoachDanBoyle.com.



Do The Thing


TUE, AUGUST 23, 2022


42 MIN 7 SEC