MON, FEBRUARY 27, 2023 • S1 E123 • 46 MIN 18 SEC

Josh Thomas: Are You In The Do Zone? Explore Why Motion Will Get You Nowhere, According To This Entrepreneur

Procrastination and excuses are two of the most common roadblocks people hit when doing the thing. How can you adjust your mindset to move forward?

I got to chat with Josh Thomas—Founder of Unbreakable Teams and Host of The Do Zone podcast—about the steps needed to finally reach the finish line. After working with thousands of entrepreneurs directly, Josh noticed a huge trend. Most of them were stuck in motion with no end in sight. But he soon discovered a formula to help anyone get into the "do zone."

Here's why Josh wants you to pivot from motion to action as you do the thing.

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Do The Thing


MON, FEBRUARY 27, 2023


46 MIN 18 SEC