WED, FEBRUARY 15, 2023 • S1 E116 • 1 HR 4 MIN 1 SEC

Carlos Cervantes and Brooke Velazquez: From An Attitude Of Gratitude To A Strong Support System, These Tips Ensure Success When Doing The Thing After Prison

Doing the thing isn't just about starting a business or checking an item off your bucket list. You can also follow the Do The Thing Formula to guide you through difficult transitions. How does it work for those in recovery or leaving prison?

I chatted with Brooke Velazquez and Carlos Cervantes to learn the value of rehabilitating people back into society after exiting prison. While working for my company, they witnessed firsthand the impact of second chances. But life transitions aren't always smooth sailing. Why do some people succeed while others relapse?

Here are the tools Brooke and Carlos believe are necessary for people to take that second chance and run with it.



Do The Thing


WED, FEBRUARY 15, 2023


1 HR 4 MIN 1 SEC