SAT, JULY 9, 2022 • S1 E44 • 45 MIN 32 SEC

Debra Mares: This Prosecutor, Nonprofit Owner, Author, And Teacher Doesn't Believe Past Adversities Should Stop Anyone From Building The Resilience Necessary To Do The Thing

Many go-getters embark on their missions, hoping to cross the finish line quickly. But doing the thing is a marathon, not a race. What if you took time to carve out self-care and wellness into your journey? I got to sit down with Debra Mares, a dear friend with quite an impressive resumé. As an accomplished criminal law prosecutor, legal thriller author, teacher, and arts nonprofit owner, she's helped countless people overcome hardship in their own lives. However, her passion for finding resilience began with a very chaotic childhood. How could she overcome her own personal traumas to support those struggling with similar upbringings and challenges? Here's why Debra believes everyone needs a sense of purpose, support system, self-esteem, empathy, and expression to advocate for themselves as they build resilience to do the thing. In this episode, we touch on how these points of the Do The Thing formula help you overcome deeply-rooted trauma and adversity: Resilience Taking ownership Educating yourself Having mentors Finding balance Want to find out even more about Debra? Visit to learn more about her social-emotional learning curriculum. You can also follow her on Instagram @debramares and pick up a copy of The Mamacita Murders on Amazon



Do The Thing


SAT, JULY 9, 2022


45 MIN 32 SEC