FRI, MARCH 17, 2023 • S1 E133 • 32 MIN 8 SEC

Chrissy Mcdannell: Discover Why This Business Advisor Is Launching A New Venture To "Rapidly" Get You Into Business Ownership

I brought on my friend Chrissy to talk about how she has used "figuring things out' as way to become wildly successful. We got to uncover that in this interview, and so much more. On top of being able to talk about how she started her first business by cleaning toilets on a shoe string budget, we got to talk about how the new venture she is launching called the Rapid Acquistion Club and now being able to help so many more people realize their own dreams.

Buying a business is an exciting endeavor. Ownership opens the door to so many new experiences. Why don't more people do it? They get paralyzed from planning every little step. Is it even possible to acquire a business while still keeping a full-time job?

In this eye-opening discussion with Chrissy McDannell— Founder at The Magnolia Firm, you'll learn all about her latest venture for connecting business buyers directly with sellers.

Here's why Chrissy did the thing to launch The Rapid Acquisition Club and encourages first-time buyers to follow a take-a-step-forward approach.

In this episdoe you will get to see how figuring things out has supercharged her success

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FRI, MARCH 17, 2023


32 MIN 8 SEC