TUE, MAY 24, 2022 • S1 E21 • 36 MIN 15 SEC

Damien Law: This 21-Year-Old Food Entrepreneur Wants You To Ignore The Noise In Your Head And Go After Your Late-Night Dreams

Taking the first step to try something new is exciting and rewarding. But what if you don't really care about the thing once you do it? I got personal with Damien Law of Effin' Good Snacks to learn what makes this brand better than his first. After googling healthy late-night food options, he saw a need for tasty snacks people actually wanted to eat. Would a previously failed yoga business keep Damien from going after his melatonin-filled dreams? Here's how this 21-year-old entrepreneur identified a problem, baked up a solution, and launched a brand in the middle of a pandemic (with a little help from TikTok). Get some of Damien's delicious cookies here www.effingoodsnacks.com



Do The Thing


TUE, MAY 24, 2022


36 MIN 15 SEC