FRI, APRIL 7, 2023 • S1 E144 • 47 MIN 22 SEC

Kate Erickson Dumas: From A Traditional Job To Entrepreneur, This High-Achiever Did The Thing To Achieve Her Wildest Dreams

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"Regular" jobs aren't for everyone. Some people feel trapped working for others and are called to do something bigger. Imagine the possibilities if you finally embarked on an entrepreneurial journey.

Today, I spoke with Kate Erickson to learn why she became an entrepreneur. During her early days in the corporate world, Kate realized she was on the wrong path. Her job wasn't challenging or inspiring, and she dreaded going to the office. After realizing no one would save her, Kate overcame fear to create change for herself. But would this leap of faith into entrepreneurship help her achieve her wildest dreams?

Here's why Kate ditched the traditional route, became an entrepreneur, and what she learned along the way.

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Do The Thing


FRI, APRIL 7, 2023


47 MIN 22 SEC