WED, AUGUST 3, 2022 • S1 E53 • 48 MIN 53 SEC

Phil Layton: A Glimpse Of The Mountains And Hope For A Better Tomorrow Inspired This Scientist To Develop Affordable Renewable Energy Solutions

Some problems seem insurmountable. You might even feel like giving up instead of doing the thing. But what if you looked at the issue from a higher level instead? I chatted with Phil Layton, Founder, CEO & Chairman of PI Energy, to discover how his team collaborates to overcome seemingly impassible roadblocks. As a teenager in Irvine, CA, a hazy, smog-covered horizon was the norm. But seeing the mountains after a rainstorm for the first time gave him a new purpose in life. Here's how this veteran scientist studied law, founded a renewable energy company, and why he won't stop until low-cost solar PV powers the globe. In this episode, Phil explains how these points of the Do The Thing formula help his company solve difficult problems: Identifying your why Asking for help Looking at things from different perspectives Risk assessment Persistence Ready to learn more about the future of solar energy? Connect with Phil's company at



Do The Thing


WED, AUGUST 3, 2022


48 MIN 53 SEC