FRI, MAY 27, 2022 • S1 E24 • 49 MIN 27 SEC

Dr. Nancy Andrade: Template for Getting Unstuck While Doing the Thing: Sharing My Private Session

The brain captures 11 million bits of information per second, but you can't focus on that much at once. How can you filter out and highlight what's actually essential in your life?

Today I had the pleasure of speaking once again with Dr. Nancy De Andrade, a Holistic Life Coach and my personal guide, about whether or not I should jump back onto social media or reach my audience through another avenue. Learn her processes for identifying intention, finding clarity, and breaking down internal barriers so that you can conquer and do anything you desire.

Here's why Nancy believes it's essential to stop speaking a limited language and focus on possibilities to do the thing.

In this episode, Nancy explains how to expand your mind and follow your heart with these points of the Do The Thing formula:

Know your intention
Have clarity and take action
Don't compare yourself to others
Trust the process and go with the flow
Ask yourself the questions



Do The Thing


FRI, MAY 27, 2022


49 MIN 27 SEC