FRI, MARCH 10, 2023 • S1 E129 • 42 MIN 44 SEC

Debb Lins: Explore Why This Therapist Says The Do The Thing Dating Dare Challenge Is More Than Just Finding Love

Everyone has goals, dreams, and ambitions. But some of us have to take the scenic route until we're finally ready to do the thing.

In this celebration interview, I talked with Debb Lins— Licensed Professional Counselor—to discover how the Do The Thing Dating Dare Challenge profoundly affected her life. As an introvert, stepping out of her comfort zone wasn't easy. But thanks to the challenge and dares, Debb gained the courage to say yes to what brings her joy—healing old wounds and doing all the things she didn't realize she could.

Here's how the Do The Thing Dating Dare Challenge drove Debb to start conversations with local veterans and lead an empowerment workshop for women.

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Do The Thing


FRI, MARCH 10, 2023


42 MIN 44 SEC