THU, MARCH 30, 2023 • S1 E140 • 44 MIN 16 SEC

Brad Hart: From Hedge Fund To Masterminds, Discover Why This Entrepreneur Wants To Change The Trajectory In Other People's Lives

We often wonder if we can make a difference in this vast universe. But the ripple effects you create are endless. What if you left behind a legacy beyond yourself?

It was a pleasure to chat with Brad Hart—Found of Make More Marbles—to learn why he believes anyone can transform their life in a meaningful way. While still in his twenties, Brad started a highly successful hedge fund. Money poured in, but it didn't fulfill him. He switched gears to follow his passion—helping others recognize their full potential. But would this move pay off for Brad?

Here's why Brad left his successful hedge fund to serve other entrepreneurs and says life is a marathon, not a sprint.

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THU, MARCH 30, 2023


44 MIN 16 SEC