WED, JANUARY 4, 2023 • S1 E97 • 49 MIN 39 SEC

Jane Borden: Discover Why This Improv Comedy, Creative Essay, And American History Writer Wants You To Train Your Brain To Listen And Acknowledge Others

It's tempting to stop when the path becomes unfamiliar. But what if you remembered that the best stuff comes from discovery?

I got to chat with Jane Borden—author and journalist—to uncover why discovery always propels her forward. A one-time religious studies student, an accidental start in long-form improv drove her to become a comedy writer. Allowing herself to change and grow, she eventually followed the breadcrumbs from comedic sketches to American history nonfiction. But would a devastating diagnosis strip away Jane's ability to write?   

Here's how Jane became an accomplished multi-published author, mastering dictation software along the way.

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WED, JANUARY 4, 2023


49 MIN 39 SEC