MON, OCTOBER 31, 2022 • S1 E82 • 27 MIN 44 SEC

Lisa Druxman: From A Handful Of Flyers To The Premier Motherhood Fitness Program In The Country, Discover This Mompreneur's Proven Formula

A women's body goes through more changes during pregnancy than a man's body will ever experience in his entire lifetime. Yet, many moms experience a loss of identity during the various stages of motherhood. How can they get the strength to grow, persevere, and thrive?

I got personal with Lisa Druxman, Chief Founding Mom of FIT4MOM, to find out the answer. After giving birth to her first child, working out became a top priority. But she didn't want to leave her son in the gym's daycare. A workout idea and a few flyers later, Lisa realized she wasn't alone.

Here's how a lightbulb moment during a stroller walk, a local news story, and the need to connect with other moms inspired Lisa to launch a nationwide prenatal and postnatal fitness program.

In this episode, Lisa discloses how these pieces of the Do The Thing formula helped her create a tightly-knit community for moms in every stage of motherhood:

Identifying your why

Surrounding yourself with "My People"

Following the next step

Educating yourself and others



Setting goals


Are you a mom or mom-to-be looking for a motivational community? Find a FIT4MOM class near you or learn how to become an instructor at



Do The Thing


MON, OCTOBER 31, 2022


27 MIN 44 SEC