TUE, MARCH 21, 2023 • S1 E136 • 44 MIN 14 SEC

Chrissy Palmer: Learn How The Do The Thing Dating Dare Challenge Helped Chrissy Move Past Fear And Rediscover Herself

Jumping into the dating pool can feel overwhelming. With so many fish in the sea, the fear of rejection is real. Will you connect with any of them? Imagine what could happen by releasing your inhibitions and diving in head first.

I got to chat with Chrissy Palmer, who participated in the second Do The Thing Dating Dare Challenge. Widowed nearly a quarter-century ago, Chrissy was nervous about reentering the dating scene. Fear prevented her from even talking about relationships. Our online community inspired her to make herself available once again.  But would she be brave enough to stick her first toe into the dating pool after 25 years?

Here's how Chrissy gained self-awareness by connecting with herself and others during the Do The Thing Dating Dare Challenge.

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Do The Thing


TUE, MARCH 21, 2023


44 MIN 14 SEC