FRI, FEBRUARY 24, 2023 • S1 E120 • 45 MIN 26 SEC

Page Lauer: Ditch The Diet: This Wellness Director Reiterates That Health, Fitness, And Weight Loss Are Personal—There's No One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Over 45 million people will go on a diet this year. But less than one percent will actually succeed. What if you gave up dieting and made it a repetition game instead?

Today, I sat down with Page Lauer—Wellness Director for Premier Fitness Camp at the Omni Resort—to uncover why diets don't work. As a teen, Page struggled with body image. Now, she teaches others how to find the ultimate cause of their weight loss struggles. And, surprisingly, food is only a small part of the equation. How can you develop healthy habits and adopt a lifestyle choice that is sustainable?

Here are the five areas Page wants you to focus on to feel healthy, whole, and excited as you do the thing.

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Do The Thing


FRI, FEBRUARY 24, 2023


45 MIN 26 SEC