WED, JULY 6, 2022 • S1 E42 • 1 HR 35 MIN

Theo Lucier: Faced With A Case Of Catastrophic Burnout In Real Estate, This Entrepreneur Shifted Gears, Healed His Cells, And Realigned Himself In The Natural Health Industry

Starting and growing a business from scratch is a lot like climbing a mountain. But what if you made it to the summit, only to discover you climbed the wrong mountain entirely? I had the opportunity to chat with Theo—founder of Forgotten Health and creator of BioRecharge! and Pure Vitamin C Flush—about the importance of being in alignment with yourself. Theo started his entrepreneurial journey with a real estate company. Money and clients flowed in, but the thought of doing it forever took a toll on his body and mind. He had to unhook his identity, one cell at a time. Here's how a spectacular case of burnout drove Theo to switch gears, heal himself, and launch two brands in the natural health niche. In this episode, Theo dissects these points of the Do The Thing formula to help you along your journey: Risk assessment Having confidence Being in alignment Surrounding yourself with like-minded people Inspired to realign yourself? Join Theo's newsletter at or to start producing more energy in your cells. You can also visit to get the program plus 20,000mg of vitamin C. It's free—just pay for the cost of shipping.



Do The Thing


WED, JULY 6, 2022


1 HR 35 MIN