THU, APRIL 28, 2022 • S1 E5 • 49 MIN 55 SEC

Alex Brzozowski: Overcoming A Scarcity Mindset To Build A Digital Organization Company Before Almost Losing It All

It takes dedication and the right mindset to leave a cushy job, do the thing, and become your own CEO. But what if you had to come to terms with losing it all in the process? I got personal with Alex Brzozowski, the inspirational owner of Be Organizing, about overcoming her own anxieties and obstacles to do the thing. Starting an organizational company was always her dream, but would a scarcity mindset keep her from moving forward? Here's how she walked away from a career, became a business owner, navigated a pandemic, and survived the most challenging time in her life without ever removing the blinders. Learn more about Alex and her digital organizing company at



Do The Thing


THU, APRIL 28, 2022


49 MIN 55 SEC