MON, MAY 9, 2022 • S1 E12 • 44 MIN 35 SEC

Dr. Nancy De Andrade: This Holistic Life Coach Connects The Body, Mind, And Spirit As She Leads Others On A Path To Self-Empowerment And Enlightenment

The pain of change can make it seem like the universe is against you. Instead of following fear, what if you fine-tuned your vibrations to discover your authentic self?

Today I sat down with Dr. Nancy De Andrade, an enlightened Holistic Life Coach, to discover how growing up in Venezuela with parents who had a deep spiritual connection shaped her journey. But hearing angels was very much out of the ordinary in the States. After discovering her Ph.D. in clinical psychology only focused on the brain and not the whole person, she decided to follow a holistic route to empower and give back to those around her.

Here's how Nancy uses holistic life coaching to help others tap into their body wisdom, discover their purpose, and unlock their authentic self.



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MON, MAY 9, 2022


44 MIN 35 SEC